October update.

Wow! I’ve found out how to go from these:

WP_20151010_21_10_09_ProA tin of chickpeas and most importantly the water I collect from the tin and use.

To this:


Just amazing that the world of puddings is opening up for me!

Over the past 5 months of being vegan I’ve negotiated the issues of feeding friends and family with foods that are seen as really quite tasty (which can be demoted to just palatable¬† as soon as they discover that there is no dairy, egg or milk in the ingredients), to living every day so that eating plant based food has become everyday.

However, puddings were a bit of an issue – I’ve made plenty of successful cakes and combined these with custards and vegan creams but it has become a bit samey. Then I discovered that chickpea juice can be whipped up into an egg white type substance. Known on the internet as Aqua Faba; the uses seem to be extensive and still being worked out. I’ve not used the mix to go beyond a merigue yet but I am keen to try it out with tofu quiche as well as cake (apparently a couple of tablespoons are he equivalent of an egg for binding mix).

In other news, being vegan has really helped with my weight management and with my fitness. My running has not really increased that much but I’ve put in two new 10k pbs over the last couple of months. This week I have a half marathon (I ran it for the first time last year) and am hoping for a new pb there as well.



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