6 months Vegan and a new half marathon PB!


So, in 2014 I completed Stevenage half marathon in 2 hours and 30 minutes. This year after months of non animal foods and the same level of training as the year before, I knocked off 30 minutes and came in in 1 hour 59 minutes.

So is this all down to diet? I think this plays a big part as I have definitely been eating fewer calories and feeling less bloated and happier with everything digestive! I’ve lost some weight and this must help with speed but I also feel generally more energised. I’ve been eating less but feeling fuller. I’ve also  been making  much more of a conscious effort to sleep more regular hours and have a better balance between day to day usual family life and work. Come on January and I will be starting a new job that will help with that balance even more!

I’m joining the local running club as I now want to find more speed and from the photo above (taken at about 7 miles) I think there’s some running technique that I can improve and make my style more efficient. I’m hoping that running with the club will help me pick up some hints and tips.

More food to follow – I’m planning a Christmas spread of vegan and so will be taking photos of that over the next few days. My parents are also staying and they are omnivores and so they will, I hope, see some of the benefits of being not quite an omnivore!




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