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Being laid back or more in people’s faces?

I’ve added the Vegan V in a circle symbol to my strava profile. More and more runners and cyclists seem to be adding it and having the logo alongside my name seems a nice low impact way of saying to the world this is who I am and how I train and live.


I wonder what would happen if I added it to Facebook which is a forum where more people can comment and say things. After all changing your name is a bit unusual and on Facebook at least adding the V symbol would be noticeable. Not sure if I want to add it there as it is a forum for discussion and questions. Then again there are also likes.

I suppose that in some regards I am conscious of the fact that for many people I know, my diet change is quite a radical thing and something that needs to be questioned and judged. I feel that I want to tell people and talk about dietary things or not but not get into confrontational situations where I am feeling judged and questioned.

Strava seems to be a much calmer and nicer environment partly because all people really do is give kudos and very occasionally comment. See the vegan V in a circle with my name here.




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